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As italian I can say that this was probably the best pizza eaten outside my country; excelent food, nice atmosphere and friendly people working there…I really suggest this place to everyone!
We was first time there and this was amazing, pizza was delicious and desserts too ! ;). Manager and waitress was very friendly and have a great smile :). Thank you for a cozy evening, we will back!
The best (Aurime)
and amazing pizza in town, beating all other city’s pizza places! All other Vilnius pizzas are now squeezing in the corners, silently leaving the room.
Best pizza place in town. Not in the city center, but good environment and service. A lot of children and families if you are ok with that.
Good and deliciuos food. Very cozy place to have dinner with all family. I think Jurgis and Drakonas making the best pizza in Vilnius:)
5 of 5 starsSeems that cheaf is really from Neapoly! Great atmosphere, affordable price, friendly personal! Just great! Will definitely come back,very soon!!!
AMAZING (Valeriesto)
Good and delicious food,lovely staff. Everything was perfect. Although prices are a bit high but everything is worth it.
Really enjoyed my time in this pizzeria and not only for the food! Atmosphere was cosy, customer service was perfect and of course food was brilliant.
Sooo good! (RainyLT)
My friends told me about the place, so one day I went there out of curiosity, not expecting anything. I was surprised by the quality of service… A bit expensive compared to other pizza restaurants,and not as shiny, but I’d say it’s worth it. The food is delicious.
Great place (Povilas I)
It’s a very nice place where we have found very tasty soup, pizza and homemade lemonade! We will definitely will visit this place again.