Posted: 2015.07.13

Whole grain pizza base

Jaaay finally whole grain flour from Italy arrived and now every pizza can be made with new more healthy base!

So why is this flour special? First of all they are grind in other special way, which helps to save the most nutrients and good qualities of grains. This flour is source of fiber, calcium and iron, B vitamins, minerals and antioxidants  – the majority of these nutrients are lost during the grinding of the standard flour.

Of course, this pizza sole has visible grains and seeds, so not only it is healthy but also looks different, has a special taste, texture and is more fulfilling. As always we transport flour from Italy – the highest quality Le 5 Stagioni flour is made of linseed, sesame seeds, millet seeds, wheat middlings, wheat germ, bran of wheat.

JD customers, who already tried their favorite pizzas with whole grain pizza base loved it and said Bravo! Now it’s your turn to try!