Jurgis ir Drakonas kavos degustacijoje

Posted: 2015.02.13

Tour of the coffee: from South America to Africa

Can you imagine a morning without a cup of coffee? What kind of walk in the park it is without something warm in your hand? Is there any business or friends meeting without drinking coffee? Coffee takes a special place in our everyday life so JD team is trying to make our coffee better and choose the one that customers love. But there are millions different coffee beans so how should we find the best one for the affordable price? What measures do we need to make a great coffee? These and many more questions were answered this week while we were learning with our JD Pylimo neighbour Emanuelis in his coffee manufactory Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories! His freshly roasted coffee beans are so great that there is no need for sugar, milk or cream.

We have never tasted so many different kinds of quality coffee in one place…In the period of two hours we had a tour of the coffee from South America to Africa. Coffee from Brazilian beans is sweet like chocolate with nuts, Columbian coffee has more character and stronger taste, Asian Papua New Guinea beans are strong and aromatic and coffee is more bitter. Meanwhile African coffee beans…well they are absolutely different because of specific climate and geographic position. Who would have thought that you can easily smell tomato in them?

So we invite all coffee lovers to visit Emanuelis and become experts – it is really interesting there. And as coffee stimulates appetite – come to JD Pylimo after!