Posted: 2015.04.08

Special April’s pizza – vegan

This month’s special pizza – vegan!! We were looking forward do make such a pizza for a long time,because wee feel that our customers need it for the full satisfaction! Beata is telling how and why we decided to make this kind of vegan pizza:

Here she comes- our beloved vegan pizza. Yes yes we also have vegan friends and now they finally will have their pizza.

So how we found her? During last JD team trip to Naples in pizzeria 50calor I saw a beautiful green pizza coming from the oven. We told we want to try it and after we did we realized that it is FANTASTIC! We tried to make similar pizza with the help of our Italian chef Michele, who knew the recipe. So with his help we created our vegan pizza. 

So what can you find on the top of it? Shortly stewed roman salad with a little bit of garlic and extra virgin olive oil. As there is no cheese, protein comes with the help of nuts: walnuts, pine nuts and pumpkin seeds. And finally cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, capers and olives.

This delicacy immediately became beloved even by those who can’t live without cheese and meat.

Vegan we love you!!!