piemeneliu apkepas shepherds pie

Posted: 2015.03.12

Shepherd’s pie – English classic with a twist

Even though usually we meet Italian dishes in JD kitchen, sometimes we explore other cuisines where we get inspiration and new ideas. Of course we often think about English cuisine as Jurgis ir Drakonas founder Tom is from England. That’s why English classic Shepherd’s pie was included in JD menu. Traditionally it is made of minced meat and mashed potatoes on top, but we made some improvisations and created interesting, delicious and very fashionable dish!

So JD Shepherd’s pie abandoned minced meat and is using our beloved pulled pork instead. Our pulled pork is cooked in the pizza ovens overnight and is the main ingredient in one of the most popular pizza, the Texas BBQ. Pulled pork comes together with caramelized onions and with roasted mashed potatoes on top. And also as it is spring and everyone wants greenery and freshness, we put green peas on the side to energize and brighten everything up!