Pica su 5 sūriais - Mauzeris ir Sūrskis

Posted: 2015.02.06

Only in February – 5 cheese pizza “Mauser and Cheeser”

Cheese is a very important ingredinet at JD! We love all kinds of cheese so we spend a lot of time and effort while choosing best quality that we can serve for our customers. Mozzarella and parmesan come straight from Italy, while we buy other types of cheese in local gourmet shops. As we love cheese so much we thought ‘why not make something special from it for February’? So our kitchen became like a cheese laboratory – we experimented, mixed, tasted and experimented again until we succeeded to find the perfect combination of cheese for our new pizza. Even 5 types of cheese are combined here – necessary Mozzarella and Parmesan, the delicious Cheddar and gourmet Emmental and Blue cheese. So we are waiting for all cheese lovers in JD restaurants to try this special February pizza!