Pica visada karšta

Posted: 2015.03.03

Nduja? What’s that?

We often hear the question – what is Nduja? In Lithuania it’s almost mission impossible to buy it or get it in the restaurants. JD brings Nduja straight from Italy, from a small producer in Calabria, where local farmers aren’t the best businessmen but produce a fantastic Nduja. We know that it is worth all the efforts to get it and once people try it – they know it too.

So, what is that mysterious Nduja??? It is Calabrian gold – spicy sausage, which is made of pork cheek and fat and consists of 40% spicy Calabrian peppers. Later all this delicacy is cured in a pigs gut for 6-12 months. It is unusual not only because of ingredients but also form – it’s almost impossible to cut it the way we are used to, it is more convenient to use a spoon! So maybe it sounds a little bit interesting or unusual, but the taste is truly amazing, enriches our pizzas and everyone loves it!

We offer two pizzas with Nduja – Nduja (yes, we even named the pizza after it) and Super Hot – this one is for those, who always say that food is not spicy enough. Our customer Aras once said that everything is lacking spiciness for him, but our Super Hot with Nduja, jalapenos, chili peppers and chili flakes was the way he expected. We believe that Nduja with its rich flavor and tingling spiciness is irresistible, so people who love spicy dishes always come back to get some more!