Posted: 2015.06.01

Menu news for summer

Summer is here and so are new desserts and cold drinks in our menu!

It is a must to try our new desserts with the most delish ice cream. One is very rich and sweet with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, chocolate brownie and caramelized almonds and another one is with lighter and fresh with two kinds of sorbet, exotic fruits puree and morengo.

We also have three new smoothies. All of them without any tricks – without sugar or syrup, the sweetness ant the taste comes from the blended sweetest Brazilian fruits. All smoothies with banana as it is not only tasty and delicious but also gives a smoothie the perfect texture and sweetness. These smoothies consist only fruits so it is suitable fr all our friends vegans and vegetarians.

SuperHero. Superberries Acai, supertropical Graviola, pineapple, banana and linseed. A real energy and health bomb!

Overseas prince. Intoxicating, exotic and very delicious. Mango. Passion fruit. Lime. Banana.

A real princess. The color disarms and the taste makes you want to hug the whole world. Strawberries. Pineapple. Banana.

And of course we didn’t forget children and those who sometimes want to get back to the childhood – vanilla and chocolate milkshakes, also with banana.

And finally when it is so hot outside you can always freshen up with cold coffee frappe and ice tea!