JD šefė Rūta

Posted: 2015.02.18

Meet JD Pylimo chef Rūtelė

Rūta joined JD team right from the start when you could only meet us in all kinds of events. At first Rūta used to bake pizzas but now she is spending her time in the kitchen of Pylimo restaurant where she can really enjoy her passion for food. Always smiling Rūta, brings new colours to our kitchen and is always ready to prepare the best soup, salad, pasta or dessert for you. So meet our JD Pylimo chef Rūta by reading this interview.

How did you become a member of JD family?

A long time ago me and my friend visited BAF exhibition in Litexpo. That fateful Saturday Beata Nicholson was participating and making a culinary show with cameras, microphones and everything was so interesting. That was the whole point of visiting the exhibition for me, as I was always a big fan of Beata. So we watched the show, smiled and my friend decided to buy a book from Beata. We started talking, I told her about my passion for food and Beata asked me to send her a letter.

I left the exhibition very happy. After some time she contacted me and offered to participate in Kaziuko mugė with Tom and his team in a new project Jurgis ir Drakonas. Of course I happily agreed. So I am participating in this project until today, it is my family now and I am really happy about it.

What do you like most of being a JD team member?

I like the food, the smell of wood, the crust of pizza edge and a hundred other things… After all this time JD pizzas are the most delicious in the world for me, oven is the most beautiful, the team is perfect and guests are my best friends.

What is your favorite pizza and why?

It was and always will be Nduja and after it Margherita. When I tried it for the first time I realized that I haven‘t eaten anything so delicious for a long time.

Have you been to Italy and what are your memories?

I am going to visit Italy this March for the first time, but i read about it so much that I feel like I have walked half of these narrow streets all over.

What is the funniest story from work in JD?

You see it is very hard to pick one as they are happening every day. I think one week wouldn‘t be enough to tell all these stories. It is the funniest when we get lost in the woods while going to some event or when we make opera performances at work…Maybe I shouldn‘t continue…

Who is your hero?

Without a doubt it is my mother. She is my best friend, inspiration, support, everything.

What 3 things from JD would you take to the dessert island?

A burner, JD sweater and friends!

Where would you like to see new JD restaurant?

In my hometown Marijampolė.

Can you create a ‘Special pizza’ right now?

Pizza base, basil pesto, Nduja, anchovies, artichokes, Mozzarella.

What would you like to wish for JD heroes?

Love… Love for yourself, love for food, love for people and the world (I answered like Miss Universe :)))