Posted: 2015.03.25

Meet JD Pylimo administrator Agnė

There is no bad mood or bad weather for JD administrator Agnė, she is always smiling and taking care of everyone and making sure that everyone would be happy. In the interview you can find out how she appeared in JD family and what she likes the most.

How did you become a member of JD family?

It was really unexpected. When I received an invitation to the job interview I wasn’t even living in Vilnius yet. I didn’t even know anything about Jurgis ir Drakonas. At the beggining I thought barman job was temporary, but now I am administrator and I never want to leave this place..

What do you like most of being a JD team member?

JD team is one of the reasons why no one leaves JD…I have a feeling that this places attracts interesting, different, positive and a little bit crazy but smart people. It is never sad here! I used to laugh when hearing the phrase ‘work as celebration’ but now I understand what it means! 

What is your favorite pizza and why?

‘Spinach/Ricotta’ and ‘More Vegetables’. Ricotta, spinach, mozzarella and garlic make perfect balance! And talking about ‘More Vegetables’ – the secret is ins vegetables marinade… 

Have you been to Italy and what are your memories?

No, but I really want to!

Who is your hero?

Without a doubt – my dad!

What 3 things from JD would you take to the dessert island?

Positivity, enthuasiasm and JD team (well maybe it’s a little bit more than 3…)

Where would you like to see new JD restaurant?

In the seaside. Then my family could also try our pizzas!

Can you create a ‘Special pizza’ right now?

I would like to see cheesy pizza with prosciutto and a lot of rocket. 

What would you like to wish for JD heroes?

Stay faithful to JD! Because there is no other place where staff is so great!