JD picų kepėjai

Posted: 2015.02.06

Meet JD Ogmios head pizza chef Albertas

Of all the people Albertas loves pizza the most! He joined JD team at the end of summer, participated most summertime events and was one of the few Piaggio drivers. Not only he bakes most delicious pizzas but also he is very creative and takes part in creating pizza recipes. So get to know our JD Ogmios head pizza chef Albertas by reading a short interview with him.

How did you become a member of JD family?

My story is very simple. Before joining JD I was working in the other restaurant as a pizza chef. I decided that it is time to move forward and put my CV on the internet. I was receiving many phone calls from different pizzerias but I was looking for something more interesting. After a month employment agency called and offered to work for JD. Back then I didn‘t know anything about JD so I refused. They were very persuasive and called few more times, so after all I decided to go for an interview. I met Tom, we talked and I decided to try.

What do you like most of being a JD team member?

I love that we are very close friends. I used to work in different teams and heard a lot of stories from my friends about their work, but I never heard about any workplace where colleagues would have such a great relationship as we have.

What is your favorite pizza and why?

It is very difficult to choose one so I can name my top 3: Margherita, Meat Calzone and Blue cheese special. The order of these pizzas is not important.

Have you been to Italy and what are your memories?

Yes. I visited for a very short time, but it was memorable and interesting. I visited Marana forni factory of ovens in Verona – our JD Ogmios oven is from there!

What is the funniest story from work in JD?

Oh there is so many funny stories I don’t even know what was the funniest. In fact at least one funny story happens every day. It was very fun to drive Piaggio in the summertime – once I was racing with a cyclist. People reaction was priceless.  

Who is your hero?

Once again it is hard to choose one. I love e-sport so e-sport athletes are my heroes.  

What 3 things from JD would you take to the desert island?

An ax, burner and friends!

Where would you like to see new JD restaurant?

In the seaside or Marijampole.

Can you create a ‘Special pizza’ right now?

Pizza sole, extra virgin olive oil, Prosciutto, coffee beans and rocket on top.

What would you like to wish for JD heroes?

Delicious memories, unforgettable scents and patience while waiting for our pizza. In the other words ‘Keep calm and eat delicious pizza!!’