Posted: 2015.03.02

Meet JD admin Laima

Laima is the one who greets every guest with a smile, looks after service staff and makes sure it would process smoothly. She is always smiling, willing to help and deals with problems without a doubt. In this interview you can read how she got into JD family and what does she like the most.

How did you become a member of JD family?

Before I used to work in the field of dentistry and logistics but I always felt that these are not my fields. Food and its quality was something that I am interested in. So one fine day in August I opened portal of job offers and my eye got stuck on UAB “Burokėlis ir krapas” offer. I called them, offered to start from zero and i never once regretted it!

What do you like most of being a JD team member?

Positive attitude.

What is your favorite pizza and why?

They say “The best is yet to come”. But i love Nduja, because spicy is good. Also I like BBQ and Super Hawaiian – personally I think that pineapple don’t belong on a pizza but with this pizza it works!

Have you been to Italy and what are your memories?

Yes, a lot of times. Memories – sun, food and fun positive people, that ‘dolce far niente’ (sweet doing nothing)

What is the funniest story from work in JD?

We laugh all the time during work, funny stories happen every day. We spend so many time together, a lt f inside jokes are being born. 

Who is your hero?

Heroes are you and me.

What 3 things from JD would you take to the dessert island?

Positive attitude, oven and myself.

Where would you like to see new JD restaurant?

In the seaside and also somewhere green in the summertime, like we had in Rupert. It would be great to open in Vingis park. 

What are career opportunities @JD?

Opportunities are everywhere, you just need to grab it and make opportunity become a reality.

Can you create a ‘Special pizza’ right now?

Now I want Napoletana but with more anchovies and king shrimps + rocket. 

What would you like to wish for JD heroes?

Keep calm ir keep on team work!