Jurgis ir Drakonas picos

Posted: 2015.02.23

JD team favourite pizzas

Taste is so individual – sometimes your favourite dish can be tasteless for another. Our pizzas are not an exception and that‘s why we have so many of them: vegetarian, simple, gourmet, spicy and even sweet! And who can tell better which pizzas are delicious than JD team who eat them almost every day?? This is what we choose:

Tom, the owner

I love Super Hawaiian, because I love pineapple. But now our chef Michele created a new pizza with Pancetta and Nduja – I dream about it!

Beata Nicholson

„Lithuanians are we born“!!! I love Lithuanian products quality, they make this pizza really special. Also this pizza is made only on traditional Lithuanian celebrations – then I always use an opportunity to try it!

Chef Michele

I love our new pizza. It is so good that everyone just calls it ‘Michele’s pizza’! It is so delicious because Italian bacon Pancetta and spicy Nduja, Italian cheeses Skamorza and Mozzarella and sundried tomatoes make the perfect balance.  I really recommend clients to try it, as well as Chicken pizza.

Marija, head of communication

It’s impossible for me to choose one – they are all so delicious and I want different pizzas every day. But my TOP would be Super Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Calzone and Prosciutto.

Dovilė, restaurant manager

My favourite pizza is Super Hawaiian. Why? Well even the name says Super!

Giedrė, restaurant manager

I can’t live without vegetables – the more the better. This is the reason why my favourite pizza is More Vegetables.

Modesta, the accountant