Salotu baras

Posted: 2015.03.23

JD Ogmios new salad bar

Do you know what was keeping us occupied last few weeks?? Salad! We were creating recipes, discussing, preparing and tasting all over again until we created perfect salad bar! We believe no one will be able to resist all these fresh tastes and colors!

We guess you are wondering what kind of salad are we going to offer? Well, plenty of them starting vegetarian and ending with meat / cheese / grains. We said YES to vegetables and especially seasonal – salad bar will be always changing according to the time of the year that way providing freshest vegetables. Sometimes we will even offer some special occasion salad. For example as Thursday is a fish day we will offer traditional salad with herring and on Saturday we will be waiting with Beata’s special salad.

You will find 3 different salad everyday. You can choose size of portion – small or big plate. Also you can choose 1 or 2 salad that you want to eat and one of five best salad sauces.

And here in the picture gallery you can have a look on our created salad which you will be able to try at JD Ogmios this week!