Posted: 2015.04.23

JD Ogmios head waitress Emilija tells her experience

I belong to Jurgis ir Drakonas family already for a half of the year and this is my first job where I go with such a desire! Why? Because it’s not only a job. I can’t tell only by words how wonderful our guests are. I have never seen so many happy people in one place before. Families with children, parents who want to take a break, companies of friends and everyone who just wants to try some good food and take rest come to our place. Our aim is not only to wait on our customers, but also do everything to make them happy and make them want to come back here next time. We talk to each of our customer, we tell them everything they are interested in and of course we listen to their advices. Of course, you can’t be good to everyone, but we do our best! When we opened people came to our restaurant driven by curiosity. Naples, crunchy edges, no sauces! Something new, something you’ve never tried before. Now we have permanent customers, bet we are always happy to see new faces. You can often hear: “Well, I have already tried this one, can you recommend something new?” Sometimes people come and say “Today I had a hard day, can you recommend me something to forget it?” Yes, food helps people to feel better. You can choose pizzas by your mood, just like music! Of course we have our TOP pizzas. I guess there’s no customer who has been here several times and hasn’t tried our BBQ pizza. It’s number one in our menu. Sometimes people are afraid of BBQ sauce, because they have tried the bad one from the supermarket, but when we tell this sauce is made in our restaurant people eat this pizza and keep saying how delicious it is. We love all our customers endlessly, we are grateful for your smiles and warmth. We believe that smile from our hearts will reach your hearts and we are looking forward to seeing you!