Posted: 2015.05.08

Asparagus Fiesta @ JD Akropolis!

Yesterday we had an unusual event in our newly opened restaurant in Akropolis. We organised it to celebrate asparagus – finally they have sprouted! It turns out that this vegetable is very capricious and grows whenever it wants and makes us happy only for a really short period, but it is definitely worth the wait! Beata loves asparagus and organised this event because we couldn’t miss a chance to create a special pizza with it as a topic. So yesterday we invited some fans and unofficial asparagus ambassador in Lithuania, Genutė (who grows them and sells in Tymo market) and of course everyone tried the special pizza and loved it!

Asparagus pizza is a real treat – even 4 cheeses meet there with fresh dill on top – it’s spring! This pizza is really special to us, because we will be selling it only for a week (05.08-05.15) and half price of every pizza will be donated to West Lithuania Oncology centre during annual marathon ‘Vilties bėgimas’.