Raudonų plytų alus

Posted: 2015.02.12

Beer is good and if it‘s „Raudonų plytų” even better!

Today the JD team was learning all about beer – there are so many kinds of it! Did you know that beer is a very old drink – even older than wine? Or that first brewers were women but later men took over that process and took all the credit?

JD loves beer and offers the interesting and unique brand “Raudonų plytų”. These beers are special and the names are so interesting that it is hard to understand what kind of beer it is…So here are some characteristics and advices how to combine our dishes and beer.

Bėganti kopa – wheat Belgian type beer 4,5% strength. It is aromatic and fruity. We suggest to combine it with all kinds of delicious salad.

Bocmano ūsai – American type IPA (India pale ale) 6% strength. Strongly bitter because of a lot of hops. It is ideal with spicy pizzas – Nduja, Pepperoni, Super Havaiian and Super Hot.

Nežinomas krantas – 6% strength Belgian type Dubbel beer, aged on oak chips, so it is more bitter and really special. It suits well with strong taste food. You must try it with our gourmet pizzas especially with Blue cheese special. Also this beer show entirely new colours with desserts.

Ryklio kavinukas – 4,5% strength sweet stout brewed with lactose and 4 different malts, which gives the aroma of coffee and chocolate. This kind of beer is the pride of England. It is perfect with desserts.

Ungurio kojos – it is a German style unrefined lager with a pinch of caramel malt and 5,3% strength. Combine with light or spicy and salty food. We suggest trying with Prosciutto, Chicken and all the spicy pizzas.