Jurgis ir drakonas Pylimo

Posted: 2015.04.04

About Pylimo restaurant ( from our admin Laima)

Small but packed with full of goodness. Restaurant based in Pylimo street is open for you everyday from eleven till ten. The star and true heroe is the oven. Oven was originally made in Napoli but we think that it feels very well and settled here in the heart of Vilnius. Normally we bake four pizzas at a time. As you already know it takes about 90 seconds to prepare it from scrath untill ready to serve product. We couldn‘t exist without our oven but without our bakers either. They rolled and rolled one batch after another untill the moment came. It was when our Napoli born chef Michelle decided that we are ready. We are ready to serve – vera pizza Napoletana. Michele loves to say this is pure art. And we couldn‘t agree more. You need skills, practice, feeling and love to become pizzaiolio verace – a true pizza chef. We feel very lucky to have talented and motivated bakers. By the way despite it is quite physically chaleenging work to do we have a baker girl who rolls pizzas already like a master. Would you like to see that youself? Please come and see. The oven and the bakers are in the same space as our beloved customers. We wish you a pleasent stay at our place.

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