Special March pizza – Quattro stagioni 02/27/2015

We’re kicking out winter and greeting spring with a joy! For this occasion we created a special   March pizza – Quattro stagioni (4 seasons).

In the first quarter you can find colorful and fresh spring with frech rocket, tomatoes and parmesan, in the second one summer with more vegetables, the third one is autumn with chicken and barbeque sauce and finally we have winter with all the heat needed from pepperoni.

We especially recommend it to everyone who wants to try four different pizzas in one! Hurry up – this pizza available only during March!

Tom: ‘Laughing and joking with my kids is probably my biggest pleasure’ 02/26/2015 JD savininkas Tomas

Tom is not only the head of JD but also a family man and father of two kids. This is the reason why JD restaurants is always family friendly and takes care that the little heroes would always have something good to eat and something interesting to do. Even the restaurant is named after his son Jurgis!

Internet portal ‘Mamyčių klubas’ are organizing a contest worlds best dad, where the prize is dinner for the whole family at JD. Also Tom answered a few questions how is he doing with dad’s duties.

How many children do you have?

I have 2 children, Isabella Meile, 8 and George Jurgis, 6.

When was the first time you thought you want to become a father?

I always wanted to have children as long as I can remember. I had a happy childhood and it seemed natural to want to give that experience to the next generation.

What father you wanted to be?  What characteristics you have? Does your dream come true?

I dreamt of being a relaxed and fun father. Reality proves to be something different. They have a very relaxed mother, so I am forced to be stricter than I would naturally be. I tease and joke with my kids all day long. So i still manage to have fun. One day they will be older and will hate the jokes, but now that they are still small, to laugh and joke with them is probably my biggest pleasure.

What was your reaction when you heard that your wife Beata pregnant? What was your first emotions, feelings? How are these feelings changed during pregnancy and after the first and the second baby birth?

The feeling of finding out you will be a dad is like ‘walking on air’. It was instantly the beginning of a new journey. We were both ‘early’ parents amongst our peers, so it was exciting and new.

What Dad you was, when Beata was pregnant? What she was expecting from you? Did you need any support, advice to “survive” the pregnancy period and become a dad?

Beata is an amazing mother, and that started as soon as she was pregnant. She is incredibly independent and she took it all in her stride. She continued to work and travel to Lithuania literally until they wouldn’t let her fly.

Did you participate in the birth? If so – what you remember best?

Both children were born in London, St Marys hospital near our home. With Isabella we had to drive to the hospital a few times at night, but she was born next day. Jurgis was quicker. Beata woke me up and said she need to go to a hospital. After three hours he was born!

How do you describe yourself as a dad? Do you have your motto?

I always want to be there with my children. Every day is not even enough! i love to be at home and spend time with family.

How long you manage to spend time with children? What are your responsibilities in the family, household? Do you like it? What would you like to do more for children/ with your children? What kind of activities, classes and you are completely satisfied at home? Which ones you don’t like and happy to leave for your wife?

Modern parenting divides most responsibilities. Putting kid to bed, making dinner and organising kids lives are done by both of us. I prefer to leave the kids social arrangement to their mum – she is a woman, so I know she is going to do that so much better than me. I have my own business, so I am my own boss. That way I can make time to pick them up from school, take them to our restaurant for ice cream, or a fun activity. I spend a lot of time with my kids – i would hate it any other way.

What do you think, how you are different from other Dads. Maybe you have something in common with your father, grandfather, grand grandfather?

Im a regular dad. But I’m dependable, Im firm but fair. And fun too! I want to leave a legacy for my children, the men in my family have always done that.

Three main things that would you like to pass on to your children?

I would like to pass on a sense of decency, the skills to run a business and the opportunity to be who they really are.

Why it’s a must to try our lasagne? 02/25/2015 lazanija

Even though we are famous for our pizza, but we are trying to make all our dishes perfect. Especially many of our clients love lasagne – maybe because we are making it only from the best products and following Italian traditions. We use fresh lasagne sheets with a lot of eggs and whole grains, the sweetest San Marzano type tomatoes and the meat sauce, which is stewed for 5 hours! Of course there is also plenty of béchamel sauce and Italian Mozzarella and Parmesan…So we are proud to say that our lasagne is a real treat! We are looking forward for everyone to try it and Thursday is the best day to do it because Thursday is lasagne day when you can have it for the special price as a lunch deal!

Only the best quality Mozzarella 02/24/2015 Pica Margarita

Mozzarella is very serious and important product. High quality products are necessary for good pizza – so we use only the best quality Mozzarella. And we are not buying it wherever – instead we import it all the way from Italy, because the taste and the quality are so much better there.  The Mozzarella that we use comes from south Italy region – Campania. Its traditions of manufacturing lasts for almost 200 years, but it is being produced in the modern factory located near Naples. Mozzarella itself is characterised by a mild flavour, highest quality ingredients and is the best for real Neapolitan pizzas.

JD team favourite pizzas 02/23/2015 Jurgis ir Drakonas picos

Taste is so individual – sometimes your favourite dish can be tasteless for another. Our pizzas are not an exception and that‘s why we have so many of them: vegetarian, simple, gourmet, spicy and even sweet! And who can tell better which pizzas are delicious than JD team who eat them almost every day?? This is what we choose:

Tom, the owner

I love Super Hawaiian, because I love pineapple. But now our chef Michele created a new pizza with Pancetta and Nduja – I dream about it!

Beata Nicholson

„Lithuanians are we born“!!! I love Lithuanian products quality, they make this pizza really special. Also this pizza is made only on traditional Lithuanian celebrations – then I always use an opportunity to try it!

Chef Michele

I love our new pizza. It is so good that everyone just calls it ‘Michele’s pizza’! It is so delicious because Italian bacon Pancetta and spicy Nduja, Italian cheeses Skamorza and Mozzarella and sundried tomatoes make the perfect balance.  I really recommend clients to try it, as well as Chicken pizza.

Marija, head of communication

It’s impossible for me to choose one – they are all so delicious and I want different pizzas every day. But my TOP would be Super Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Calzone and Prosciutto.

Dovilė, restaurant manager

My favourite pizza is Super Hawaiian. Why? Well even the name says Super!

Giedrė, restaurant manager

I can’t live without vegetables – the more the better. This is the reason why my favourite pizza is More Vegetables.

Modesta, the accountant

Which restaurant to choose? 02/20/2015

Jurgis ir Drakonas is the place where the most delicious pizza, salads, authentic pasta, desserts and even homemade icecream are created! This is a place where friends meet, families have the best time and romantic dates happen, because the mood here is always the best and the food is the most delicious! Have you already visited us? Maybe you are wondering which restaurant to choose?

Jurgis ir Drakonas Ogmios What will you find here?

• Best pizzas and other dishes

• Salad bar where you can create the salad of your dreams

• Amazing desserts and homemade ice cream

• Fulfilling breakfast (coming soon!)

• A lunch deal

• During the warmer months – big outside terrace

• A lot of activities for the little heroes

Jurgis ir drakonas Pylimo st. 22D What will you find here?

• Best pizzas and other dishes

• Different soup and salad everyday

• Amazing deserts and homemade ice cream

• A lunch deal

• Cozy atmosphere in the old town

And new restaurant coming soon!