Ogmios Pizza Oven Feature 01/12/2015

The pizza oven installed at our Ogmios restaurant is one of the biggest, most technologically advanced ovens in the world. Produced by Marana Forni, from Italy it has a cooking surface of 150cm which revolves several times a minute to cook pizza evenly. Our skilled pizzaiolos can operate the oven to raise and lower the cooking surface, by a hydraulic mechanism to help cook the best pizza in Vilnius. The oven is used at temperature in excess of 400’C and our oven can cook upto 16 pizzas at one time. It weights 2250kg!

Jurgis ir Drakonas have customized the oven by creating a disco ball on the top. This makes the pizza oven unique in the world. We have one of the most exciting pizza ovens in the world right here in Vilnius!